My name is john Bryan. As a consultant with great focus in international business & Exhibition Handling, the majority of my clients are out of state . I need help with my errands as I am habitually out of town. I am currently on a business trip to Asia to get art structures materials. At this time and I'll be here for 3-4 weeks. I will prepay you in advance to do my shopping, Supplier's payment, Purchase & dispatch of Gift items for the Season, flight bookings, Postage's and have the items sent to my PO box, which means your location is not a barrier.

Your Duties are as follows: .

• Perform official assignment to detail/ instruction.
• Running personal errands (receiving and making payment).
• Acting as an alternative telephone correspondence.
• Work independently without much supervision (inspecting items paid
for at Post office near to you)

Available Position: Personal Assistant
Type: Part-Time
Hours: 10 Hours per week
Days: 3 days per week
Weekly Pay: $500.00.

The job is flexible and can be completed at your convenient time, it
can be done during your break-time.

Willing to take this job position, reconfirm your information to us
for background check. :